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Who are we

DSE is a state-of-the-art manufacturer and market leader in the field of high-quality solar panels from Germany. In addition to the German head office in Wismar, we also have subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy and Spain. Installers and end users in more than 45 countries around the world are convinced of the excellent quality of our products. Key figures from the last 25 years clearly underline the very high quality:


Uptime factory





What can we make

Our goal is to make German solar panels of sublime quality. We only produce GLASS/GLASS solar panels that have a much longer life compared to traditional solar panels. Our TOP model is the Premium Glass/Glass Triple Black panel. Market leader in the field of aesthetics, the only Triple Black panel on the market on which even the metal busbars above and below the panel have been made black (so no ugly metal edges are visible anymore). 325 WP per panel with a positive tolerance of up to 5 WP (each panel therefore provides a minimum of 325 and a maximum of 330WP of power)

Intelligent manufacturing strategy

What we do

Deutsche Solar Exclusiv (DSE) produces products under its own brand name as well as panels for third parties on behalf of other manufacturers. Our range consists exclusively of the highest quality Premium Glass/Glass solar panels with and without frame. Thanks to intelligent production strategies, we are able to stay ahead of the rapidly changing solar panel market. This means that DSE is seen as the market leader



Because the latest techniques and best quality materials have been used, the expected lifespan is no less than 50 years!

More stability

This means fewer micro cracks in the solar cells.

Better protection

Against mechanical stress and fire.


Resistant to salt water and ammonia.

No aging

Our panels offer excellent resistance to aging.


New design possibilities through panels without frames (e.g. mounting on smooth surfaces)


No glare and maximum efficiency.


Esthetically high-quality design with a frame height of only 35 mm.

The highest efficiency

The most advanced production equipment. Deutsche Solar Exclusiv uses fully automated, high-quality production facilities. For the glass/glass and special panels, the development team of Deutsche Solar Exclusiv has found special machining solutions, ensuring consistently high quality and process reliability. The entire production process is fully monitored. The raw materials, components and panels have been extensively tested.

Quality keys

Deutsche Solar Exclusiv test for:

  • Mechanical stress
  • Resistance of the encapsulation foils
  • Resistance of glass
  • Climate change
  • Degeneration
  • Stability of the cell layers
  • Micro cracks
  • Solder connections

Certisolis certified


Sustainability in the production of panels is one of the main goals of Deutsche Solar Exclusiv. We are one of the very first companies that have optimized their CO2 footprint. Our exceptionally low CO2 footprint is also certified by Certisolis. Products of Deutsche Solar Exclusiv are attractive because of their CO2 footprint, which is significantly lower than that of the competition. Get in touch

Factory in Wismar

Our history

It all started about 25 years ago. In 2006, Centrosolar Group AG took over the factory. At the current location, new buildings were built in 2008 and 2011, and afterwards the factory was modernized several times. In 2016, CS Wismar GmbH took over the running of the business with a team from the former Centrosolar. Centrosolar itself concentrated its business activities in North America, but still has Centrosolar panels for the American market produced in Wismar. DSE is produced by Sonnenstromfabrik (CS Wismar GmbH). 

Upgrade to perfection

Our product

DSE is continually innovating, which is the reason we only offer our most recent panel. Our top model, the Glass/Glass triple black 320WP solar panel, has the following specifications.

  • Glass/Glass
  • Black frame
  • Black reverse side
  • Busbars above and below, also in black which means no ugly metal black edges are visible any more
  • 325 WP with a positive tolerance of +0 -> +5 WP

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Long lifespan, even in extreme circumstances Optimum efficiency Highest quality standards Guaranteed return
2 x 2 mm strong, scratch resistant, thermal tempered solar glass PID-free, PERC high-efficiency cells Produced in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 BS OHSAS 18001:2007 30-year linear yield guarantee
Glass/glass composite technique strongly restricts influence of environmental factors Non-reflecting glass ensures high yield even with diffuse irradiation Construction certification PV-Panel in accordance with IEC 61215:20161 30-year product guarantee
Cells in neutral phase are specially protected against tensile and compressive loads Positively classified+0 -> +5 WP Safety qualification PV-Panel in accordance with IEC 61730:20161 European warranty
Charging up to 8.100 Pa Leading NMOT Values Tüv certified Expected lifespan 50 years!


We assure your investment


  Industry standard DSE Premium Glas/ Glas
Product warranty Max. 10 years All-in 30 years
Yield guarantee Max. 25 years with preconditions 30 years
Yield guarantee after 1 year In phases Linear!
Yield guarantee after 1 year None 97%
Maximum yield guarantee 10 to max. 25 years 80 % 30 years 87%
Expected lifespan 10 up to max. 25 years 50 years